Dublin Singing Waiters 

( 2,000 +  Bookings over the Past 15 years )

Call Direct for A Direct Quote +353-1-201-3660 today to hire them for your event. Singing Waiters Videos. Enjoy 6 of our brilliant surprise singing waiter shows in different styles! These fantastic live performances are available for booking anywhere in Ireland at reasonable prices with a worry-free 100% money-back guarantee.

How does it work?

They arrive before the meal is served and work undercover during the meal, then once teas & coffee are served they start the show. 

It’s a real wow factor high energy and usually, it runs for 30mins 

Regular guests give “standing ovations” Which really sets the mode for the evening “off to a great start



  • Perfect for small Weddings
  • Direct Fees
  • All Travel Included.
  • All Booking Fees Included
  • Amazing Male Opera Live Singer

From €695


  • Two Female Divas.
  • Modern Songs
  • Classic Hits
  • All travel + fees included
  • High Energy
  • Incredible Fun

From €1495


  • Classically Trained Singers
  • Male & Female Singers
  • Perfect for High End Events
  • Incredible Powerful and undercover.

From €1495

Get in Touch

Please feel free to Contact Us through our contact form below, …..Of course, you can also always call, if you’d rather personally speak to us.
Call +353-1-201-3660 and we will be more than happy to assist you in your search for your perfect Singing Waiters for hire in Dublin , Ireland.


Its simple call or email us for an immediate Quote, Phone + 353 1 201- 3660 or email info@singingwaitersireland.ie

Prices are based on a number of different factors such as,

  • How many singers you require 1,2,3,4 ,5,6,7 +
  • Venue Name & Location ?
  • What are the sound requirements?

We book dates up to two years in advance, if you have a date call immediately so you get first call on the The Dublin Singing Waiters.

Our Dublin Singing waiters will actually greet guests on arrival, serve the wine and assist with the food for around 45 mins to an hour. After teas and coffees are served the show heats up and they each start targeting different areas of the room. From here on the show lasts around 30 minutes.

By all means, if you want a particular song performed we shall try our best to accommodate you once the artists know well in advance.

Yes of course please just let us know in Advance and we will make their day special!